Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why you need to do Puzzles as a kid

So now I know why as a kid my mom had me do puzzles. It has come in very handy in my circuiting….. I was playing with the Best of Pixar last night to make a Birthday card for my Nephew ( will post picture later) , Let me just say that the books and layers have come a long long way. But it is very much like a puzzle when you have all these little pieces and need to find the same shape on the base layer. You know what they say you learn by doing. BTW thanks for the tip Megan on the 2 way glue on a pen tip, I used an orange stick from my Nail kit but same same.

Other things I learned last night. They need to make stickles and viva décor pens in a quick dry formula.

And finally can I just say I love love love my Gypsy. It is a huge time and paper saver. “set it and forget it” comes to mind. However, I have one suggestion: I would love it if Provo Craft would do an update that would identify the carts stored on the Gypsy as font carts or shape carts. And then if you searched for “font” it would show you all the different font samples that you have stored on your gypsy.

An those are my lessons from last night…

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