Friday, January 28, 2011

Something Sweet for My Pink Stamper Challenge

The challenge from My Pink Stamper was so create something super sweet. I could not put my hands on the pictures. ( big surprise there)But every year the nieces and nephew and I go to the local church and create Gingerbread houses. Lets face it, it's all about the candy and frosting so the base house is made from cardboard and we just do the fun part of decorating. Any way you get the idea. So I created this layout using the paper kit was was Part of the Club Ruby December kit. I used white embossing on the sweet memories title and it kind of looks like sticky frosting fingers. A pretty quick layout once I got going.

Hint hint. be cautious when using your gypsy to create a lay out. Using different thickness of paper on the same mat can sometime bear frustrating results. If you are using 2 different thicknesses of paper best to create a layer on and a layer 2 so that you have the opportunity to adjust pressure and blade depth. If you are still having problems perhaps it is time for a new blade. I Don't think we realize just how much we use out cricuts.

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