Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Fathers Day or any day for that matter

A card is nice but isn't candy even better. Rather than make a card for fathers day I decided to make a candy bar wrapper instead. I used the Paisley Cricut cart
(pg 35)for the frog. I used Every Day paper doll Cart (pg. 48) for the Hand.
I always learn something when playing with my Cricut. I believe I cut the shapes at 3.25 inches and that was for the larger candy bars.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Did freezer paper stencils with John and Emma this past weekend. The T-Shirts came out super cute. ( as does everything we do ) Anyway couple of lessons learned the hard way.

1) Freezer paper and wax paper ARE NOT THE SAME THING! You need freezer paper.
2) freezer paper sticks to the Cricut mat better if the shinny side is up. But when you iron with a Dry iron shinny side is down.
3) make sure your paints are well stirred and a little on the thicker side.
4) when doing names be sure you use the flip function on the Circut and you also need to spell the name backwards as well.
5) Freezer paper is pretty cheep so don't be afraid to experiment. I also use regular white printer paper when experimenting to get just the right size for other projects. However this method is not useful in setting cutting depth and pressure for different kinds of paper

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Additional Pictures from Mothers day wine charms.

In early May Emma and I created Wine charms for Emma's mom for mothers day. Her are some images of the charms and of the packaging. We used a cricut Expression with cartridge Bags, tags, and boxes for the packaging and we used doodlecharms for the shapes. In the jewelry section of our local craft store we purchased some hoop earrings. We used Grafix paper (AKA Shrinky dink paper) to create the charms. Be sure you use the multi cut function on your cricut when cutting this material.
The grafix paper will dull your cutting blade pretty quickly. I would say you only get about half as many cuts. So if shortly after doing anything will Grafix paper your cricut starts acting funny. ie: tearing the paper, replace your blade.