Monday, January 31, 2011

Glass Etching

This was my First try at Glass Etching. I wanted to thank the neighbor for snowblowing the yard so I created this dish filled it with Whoppie Pies and sent it over.

As you can see you use the Mirror feature (or flip) when doing the lettering. It was fairly simple. this was only an 8 x 8 dish so it was not too bad. Much bigger would have been a lot tougher to lay out nice and flat. Although you can do it right away I did have some seepage so the next time I would let the vinyl set for about 24 hours before using the cream.

The scariest part is after the cream sits and you wash it off it looks like nothing happened..... Fear not as the cream drys is does "frost" over and become more prominent. Give it a try. A great way to get those dishes returned.

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